Lead Connect 365™ Celebrates First Year Anniversary by Securing LIV Sotheby’s. Company’s Innovative Approach to Lead Capturing and Conversion Results in Exponential Growth

Lead Connect 365™ Celebrates First Year Anniversary by Securing LIV Sotheby’s. Company’s Innovative Approach to Lead Capturing and Conversion Results in Exponential Growth

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SAN DIEGO (April 5, 2016) – Less than a year since forming, Lead Connect 365™ announced that LIV Sotheby’s International Realty has retained the company for its revolutionary lead management model. The premise of the Lead Connect 365™ model, which focuses on improving the sales lifecycle in both lead capture and lead conversion, has led to a remarkable increase in real estate transactions for LIV Sotheby’s International Realty.

“Our greatest challenge in the real estate industry is how do we capture active clients early and retain their interest throughout the process of purchasing a property; how do we make a lead transaction- able,” said Tre Behr, senior vice president of LIV Sotheby International Realty. “Lead Connect 365™ has afforded LIV Sotheby’s with the ability to capture leads and nurture relationships so the buyer feels like they are dealing with a partner rather than an agent. The results have been phenomenal.”

“The industry average for online leads resulting in a closed transaction is between 1.6-2 percent. Since retaining Lead Connect 365™, we have seen that number increase to 50-60 percent,” continued Behr. “These are unbelievable results by any measure and it is a direct result of Lead Connect 365™.”

Lead Connect 365™ developed a proprietary lead development process, designed as a strategy that focuses on capturing “face-to-face” appointments vis-à-vis its highly-scripted Customer Care Center. Trained representatives focus on building trust so a prospect receives the information they need without feeling pressured. The Lead Connect 365™ solution delivers a ration of “Interest Events/Leads” that are significantly higher than the industry average.

“We have developed an industry-changing formula that improves the life cycle in both lead capture and lead conversion,” said Doug Yeaman, chief executive officer of Lead Connect 365™. “Our clients are realizing remarkable results that has improved their bottom-line and established a trendsetting model. Our partnership with LIV Sotheby’s represents yet another example of their continued leadership of innovation within their local communities and the global real estate industry, as a whole.”

Lead Connect 365™ and LIV Sotheby’s entered into an exclusive arrangement one year ago to apply the latest technology in lead generation to the fundamental premise of real estate transactions: initiating, developing and sustaining personal relationships. The Lead Connect 365™ model is predicated upon person-to-person communication and uses technology as a bridge between LIV Sotheby’s and prospective purchasers.

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, based in Colorado, focuses on exceptional service and has a reputation for providing stellar customer service. Its brokers average 15 years of real estate experience, and have been recognized year after year for leadership and sales production. LIV Sotheby’s is committed to building relationships based on integrity and trust, and are active in the school, civic and cultural organizations that shape the communities they serve.

The premise of Lead Connect 365™ is based on building relationships with consumers rather than pressuring them into a sale. The company has created a user-friendly experience for the consumer, getting them into relationship with an expert (agent). Lead Connect 365™ focuses on the consumer receiving product information, customer service and support data when they are in the “Active Phase” or ready to buy. Lead Connect365™ extends traditional lead management models by introducing the lifecycle, best practices, and a platform for executing the highest standards in lead management.

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