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Why Choose Us

Capturing Leads at 60%…Are You Serious?

After 30 Years of Experience WE KNOW LEADS

We are industry leaders on lead capture and lead management, with over 30 years of experience.

We keep a hands-on approach in dealing with the problem of how to best increase your bottom line through converting leads to an ROI.

With our very personal assistance in improving your ROI, we deliver a ratio of success that is significantly higher than any alternative.

Our #1 goal is to enhance your ROI through our proprietary lead management process.

We perform a complete analysis as to the contact rate of your leads within the first 30-60 days, as well as telling you how viable your leads actually are. We then put together a strategy, if needed, to perfect the type of leads you are generating, or purchasing from an outside source.

Lead Connect’s method of capturing leads has generated appointments at over 60% vs. an industry standard of less than a 2% success rate. This is not an idle claim.

We follow a cadence to contact your leads through dials, texts and emails. That cadence is not only vigorous, but ongoing. We don’t EVER stop contacting your leads until you ask us to. This sets us apart without a doubt from our competitors.

Lead Connect defines capture as a Face to Face appointment. Our highly scripted Lead Capture Specialists are trained to build trust, so the prospect can receive the information they need without feeling pressured. We stand behind our appointments and if there is a no-show you do not pay for that appointment.

And once a member of your team has claimed an appointment, we will hold them accountible, ensuring the deal gets done.