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Lead Management

We keep excellent track of all interactions with your leads, so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Let us do the rest!

At Lead Connect we’re passionate about keeping track of your data. This allows us to provide top notch services, such as a state of the art technology, voicemail capabilities, texting and email templates, etc.

Your calls, texts and emails are tracked automatically. Our systems that house your data are “state of the art” technology in the industry.

Lead Connects process in managing your leads works like this….

  • A new lead email notification is forwarded from your CRM directly to our system.

  • That lead is immediately, in real time integrated into our system.  There is not a millisecond lost in transmission.  When you receive the lead….We receive the lead.

  • A Lead Connect Lead Capture Specialist (LCS) engages that lead within 5 minutes with personal contact.

  • Our Lead Capture Specialist makes the appointment when possible.  If the lead is not ready, our proprietary lead Incubation, follow-up and management process begins.

  • Our Lead Capture Specialists are carefully trained, managed with a level of Quality Control unparalleled in the industry.

  • Lead Capture Specialists are held to a performance standard that insures that the lead conversion is maximized. Every spoke-to-contact with the lead is held to a performance standard of an 8 on a scale of a 1 to 10 rating.

  • If you don’t meet the lead there is a high probability that they won’t buy from you. The success of the Lead Capture Specialists is measured by the appointment showing up or being kept. After an appointment is made there is an aggressive process to insure that the appointment is REAL; evidenced by the lead showing up!

  • Lead Capture Specialists are held to a performance standard that insures that the lead conversion is maximized. Every spoke-to-contact with the lead is held to a performance standard of an 8 on a scale of a 1 to 10 rating.

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Lead Analysis

The information Lead Connect gathers from working with your leads and the ability to compare with tens of thousands of others similar leads, empower Lead Connect to rate the value and viability of your leads. How likely are your leads to convert and become customers? This process will typically happen in the first 30-90 days.

ROI for Leads is based on the following chain:

  • Contact-ability – How contactable are your leads? We expect a minimum of a 20% contactable rate.

  • Capture-ability – At what rate are they capture-able? We expect a minimum capture rate of 60% with a minimum of a 60% show-up rate.

  • Convertibility – How convertible are your appointments. You should expect a high level of conversion from your team. We know for example that most industry leads (82%) will convert over an extended period of time. We also know that conversion is dependent on the sales associate’s skill. This is based on training, management and accountability. Based on 35 years of experience in field Lead Connect can help you with understanding how to improve this. At no additional cost, Lead Connect will give you feedback on the associate’s performance both in comparison to others and their own feedback with Lead Connect.

The better your leads are managed by everyone in the above chain the better the ROI. That’s the bottom line. Whether you are generating your own leads, or purchasing from the lead generation company. The more data we can collect about your leads through our interactions, the easier it is for us help you analyze your leads and drive the ROI.

The lead Connect will “score” your leads based on their readiness, willingness to move forward and if they have a need for your services. We can quickly assess whether your lead generation sources are working for you. Lead scoring allows us to know when and why your leads may be dropping off. This sounds like a negative, but it’s not. It’s very positive. It will assist us in determining whether your lead generation campaigns are working for you, or changes you can make to improve ROI.

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Lead Rescue

Do you have older leads in your system that need to be followed up on? Leads that you have had little or no contact with? Lead Connect can provide service to follow up on these leads.

Lead Connects process in handling these leads for you is very simple. You provide a .csv or excel spreadsheet of your leads for us to connect with. We follow up with these leads using a script specifically designed to “revive” your old leads. Developing these custom scripts is a science not an art. We have 35 years experience with this problem and have a proprietary process in creating them and insuring they work.

Next, we work for you using an algorithm of a number of variable actions to engage these leads in a conversation, to build a relationship with the lead as your executive coordinator.  Our mission is to convert the still viable leads into In-Person, Face To Face Appointments.  Again focusing on and maximizing your ROI!

Call us, or inquire here on our site for pricing on this service.

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Lead Scrubbing

If you are looking to discover if your leads are viable prospects, or just legitimate leads, you may need our lead scrubbing service.
Lead Connect feels that “lead scrubbing” is imperative to a company’s success in moving the needle forward on your ROI.

Our removal of your non-legit leads is an essential piece of the road map for your company’s success. Scrubbing your leads ensures that your leads are VALID, thereby presenting the opportunity for more conversions to deals for you.

So, what typically constitutes a lead that needs to be scrubbed?

  • “Fake” entries (i.e.., deceptive email submissions, “asdf@asdf.com”, etc.)

  • Inaccurate phone numbers, email addresses, or just plain false information

  • Duplicate inquires, thereby give you several submissions for the same lead

  • Leads that are generated through Spam or Bots or other fake techniques

Lead Connects philosophy on Lead-Scrubbing is that this is an absolute requirement to maintain a high contact rate for your company, and to establish that when contacting your leads, we are reaching ONLY those that are in the market to move forward with what your company has to offer. Again we are moving that needle higher on the ROI ladder.

Call us, or inquire here on our site for pricing on this service.

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Lead Consultation

We have over 35 years of experience with the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers. #1 being the generation and management of leads

In a nutshell, the leads you are generating should be targeted prospects for your company. These leads should be looking for your services, or making inquiries based on topics that meet your ability to deliver…ultimately putting them on a path to eventually buy with your company.

If your leads have a low contact rate, or prove to not have a strong need for your services at some point, then you are either generating the wrong leads, or purchasing the wrong leads. Lead Connect through our follow up and analysis with your leads, will be able to help assess your lead generation campaigns, and meet with you to discuss the best next steps to move forward in the increase of your ROI.

Call us, or inquire here on our site for pricing on this service.

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Lead Specific Training, Management Systems Coaching and Accountability

The management team at Lead Connect is regularly amazed at the number of leads that are mis-managed and lost by individual members of the conversion team. Sales Associates are often more concerned about closing the next lead (or making their house payment) than understanding the needs timelines and strategies and plans of the lead.

Lead Connect has in house, the resources to quickly improve the performance of any sales team’s effectiveness in conversion. Much of the time the problem is accountability to a set of steps which insure the effective management of the Sales Associate.

The process is made up of the following steps in an effectiveness chain:

  • Showing up by the Associate – Interfering with the appointment by the associate leads to a probability that on average 50% of the appointments will no-show or fail.
  • Conducting a REAL in-depth-needs-analysis for the lead will improve the convertibility by 300%. This really means building a relationship based on listening to their needs rather than talking about the features and details of their inquiry.

    1. The rule: A REAL Lead is REALLY asking for help. They don’t just want details about their inquiry; they want help in making a decision… (even though they don’t realize it and may resist it.) This is not just giving them answers this is understanding why they have the questions, working with them at their pace, and NOT wasting their time.
    2. If the lead sees and trust the associate as an advocate for their needs, even when it is contrary to buying their point of inquiry, the associate has a VERY high probability that they will, over time, be able to close the lead.
    3. Notice that the sales associate rarely sells anyone that does not trust them, or is not in relationship with them.
    4. With this process effectively in place the lead will disclose their strategy and timeline. When it is not NOW the associate can pass back the lead to Lead Connect for further incubation, follow-up and future appointments. The associate does not lose the lead but doesn’t need to worry about this falling through the cracks for lack of management. Classically the appointment comes BACK to the originating associate.
  • Accountability – The associate needs to be accountable for a specific set of steps that insure their performance. These need to be objective and measurable. With them in place you insure a HIGH conversion and ROI.

  • Management Training and Support – Management needs to have in place a process for training and accountability. Lead Connect has these materials in a module and strategies in place for implementing and managing this need.

Call us, or inquire here on our site for pricing on this service.

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